Name This Bird

photo skitch document1

photo skitch document1

Your answer should consist of the Common name exactly as it appears in the Birds of Northern California Checklist. All fields are required. Only one submission per person per month will be accepted. Multiple submissions will be disqualified. Please read the Quiz Rules.

Quiz Rules

An answer, consisting simply of the Common name exactly as it appears in the GGAS Birds of Northern California Checklist, must be submitted using the official Name This Bird Online Bird photo quiz form. Answers submitted by any other means will not be considered.

All answers, to be considered correct, MUST be presented in the form of a full species name (no forms, no subspecies, etc.) and in the exact current nomenclature (including hyphens and spacing) delineated by the American Ornithologists’ Union and as presented by the American Birding Association (ABA). ALL species currently accepted by the ABA as having occurred in the ABA area are suitable subjects for the quiz. Hybrids of accepted species may occasionally appear.

Only one submission will be accepted per person. Multiple submissions will not be considered.

A new bird photo will be posted occasionally.

We will post the names of all participants who submit the correct answer by the deadline posted with each month’s photo quiz. Should the quiz present more than one species, the names of those responding with at least the majority of the correct species identifications will be listed in the text for the answer.

The correct answer to the photo quiz will be at the discretion of the Photo Quiz editor. Any challenges to the ID can be taken up with Bumpy!
Photos and answers are supplied by Bumpy and Winky, master birder wannabees.

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