Tuesday, April 28 Claremont CanyonCalifornia Thrasher singing (seen and heard on multiple occasions over the past month)Also seen over the past month at Claremont CanyonPygmy Nuthatches nesting in pine groveWilson's WarblersFox SparrowsRed-breasted Nuthatches (heard daily)Allen's/Rufous HummingbirdMonday, April 27 Claremont CanyonMcGillivray's Warbler (pair) just west of the house at the top of PanoramicAsh-throated Flycatcher (pair) in Monterey Pine at top of Panoramic past house on east sideSunday, April 26 SibleyLazuli Bunting (pair)Black-headed Grosbeak (pair)Orange-crowned WarblerOlive-sided Flycatcher (pair)House Wren (several)Brown Creeper (pair) Hairy WoodpeckerWestern Ribbon Snake (pair)Friday, April 23, TildenSwainson's Thrush