Thanks, great list!! Very thorough! 😉

Here are our photos from the trip:

If you’d like any to print, let us know and we’ll email you the original sized image…

We didn’t get a chance to hike up Claremont Canyon to see the owlets yet, but maybe this weekend.

Hope y’all are well!


On 5/13/2011 20:23, John Colbert wrote:

Hi Birdymates,

Attached is the checklist by location with individual and overall totals.

Also, we’ve seen the two owlets twice this past week around 7pm.  One was a great shot with one younster and parent sitting on the same branch with the 2nd fuzzy headed youngster on the branch just above.  If you go, they were hanging out in the euc grove on the left about 20 yards after the first hairpin.   Let me know if you plan to go and we can be there or provide clearer directions.

Hope all is well in your busy bird lives!   – John