Dave Quady Walk w/Kay, Marilyn G., Sandy (therapist, botany), Lynn (Stonewall Rd. Denise class), Sharon and Ray (donation of books to Tibet?)

While discussing darker Sparrows on the coast (greater humiditiy generate darker plumage), Dave mentioned Gloger’s_rule.

Anna’s Hummingbird  
Downy Woodpecker  
Northern Flicker  
Hutton’s Vireo  
Steller’s Jay  
Western Scrub-Jay  
Chestnut-backed Chickadee  
Bewick’s Wren  
Ruby-crowned Kinglet  
Hermit Thrush  
American Robin 
Yellow-rumped Warbler  
Townsend’s Warbler  
Spotted Towhee  
California Towhee  
Fox Sparrow  
Song Sparrow  
White-crowned Sparrow  
Golden-crowned Sparrow  
Dark-eyed Junco  
House Finch  
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